Have you ever felt like your life was complacent and unproductive? Like the Psalmist who said in Psalms 22:15; my life is dried up like a potsherd; and my tongue cleaves to my jaws; and thou hast brought me into the dust of death. We find in the Bible that the first man Adam came from a dry situation himself. He was formed from the dust of the earth. There was no life in him until God breathed into his body the breath of life.

God is a consuming fire and if you ask Him, He will consume what needs to be and give you fresh fire. The dryer something is, the quicker it catches on fire. I remember one summer as a fifteen year old boy and driving my dad’s semi truck and trailer from our house to a truck stop two miles away. My dad had left earlier and was waiting for me at the truck stop. I pulled the truck out of the yard and headed down the frontage road next to the highway. Not realizing that I had lost all the wheels on the trailer, I proceeded to drag the trailer for two miles to the truck stop. Picture bare metal dragging and sparking on hot asphalt! When I got to the truck stop, people were staring. It must have been unusual to see a truck pulling a trailer with no wheels under it. To say the least, I was very embarrassed that I had not realized before then that all the wheels were gone. My dad yelled loudly at me to get into the car so that we could go find the wheels. As we were driving back to the house, we saw several fire trucks en route to fires that had been started along the highway. When you are dry spiritually, it only takes a spark to get a fire going. The metal trailer just had to make hard contact with the pavement to catch fire. Connect with Holy Spirit. Let the Divine ignite you with how He thinks about you and what He sees for your life. Times (plural) of refreshing come from the presence of the Lord (Acts 3:19).

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