Years ago I was driving a big truck hauling steel from Colorado to California on a weekly basis. One of the things truckers do from time to time in order to keep from boredom on the highway is talk on the CB radio. One of the phrases you hear, especially late at night is, “do you have your ears on.” The meaning behind this statement is that you might have your radio on, but you may not be listening to it.

This is similar to your spouse speaking to you, you know she is speaking but are you listening to her? Someone told me the reason women speak twice as much as men and have to repeat themselves is because men don’t listen the first time. To relate this to hearing from God we must, “have our ears on” and tune into what God is saying to us. A spiritually deaf ear produces an insensitive heart. Some believers can also experience selective hearing. They just hear what they like to hear, not what they need to hear. The New Testament is full of scriptures that say, “he that hath ears to hear, let him hear.” We all have spiritual ears but are those ears listening?

In Mark 4:24, we must take heed to hearing what God is saying to us, instead of zoning out. It is difficult for pastors at times to preach when some are not listening. As people of God we need to keep our ears on and tuned to all the truth. We need to have supersensitive ears to pick up on the slightest word of the Lord. When I was young my sister must have had bionic ears. She could hear any sound or movement in the house. Her room was upstairs and mine was downstairs nevertheless if I turned on the T.V. being careful to keep the volume off, she still heard it and would yell. To say the least, her yelling would get on my nerves and off would go the T.V. I would wait fifteen minutes latter and try and turn it on with no volume again and like clock work, her voice would ring, “Mark I can hear the T.V.!” I want to be like that to pickup on God's still voice like hearing a pin drop. Do you have your ears on?

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