• Julie Preaching

    Julie Preaching

    Julie preaching to Indian women.

  • Ministry Time

    Ministry Time

    Julie ministering.

  • Preaching


    Mark preaching in India.

  • India Conference

    India Conference

    People preparing to hear Mark preach.

  • Giving a hug

    Giving a hug

    Julie giving an Indian woman a hug.

  • Receiving Jesus

    Receiving Jesus

    Kids receiving Jesus.

  • Dolls and Bears

    Dolls and Bears

    Julie handing out "Jesus Loves Me" bears and dolls.

  • New Friends

    New Friends

    Julie with a group of new friends!

  • Preaching


    Julie getting ready to minister to women.

  • Indian Food

    Indian Food

    Julie enjoying"roti tissue".

Ten pictures from Mark and Julie's ministry trip to India.