Kids' Club Christmas Party 2016

  • Getting Ready to Start

    Getting Ready to Start

  • Hot Pretzels

    Hot Pretzels

  • Tastes Good

    Tastes Good

  • Snacks for Everyone

    Snacks for Everyone

  • Tasty Pretzel

    Tasty Pretzel

  • Oranges for All

    Oranges for All

  • Blessed to have Food

    Blessed to have Food

  • Presents


  • Staying Warm in the Unheated Building

    Staying Warm in the Unheated Building

  • Christmas Message

    Christmas Message

  • Having Fun

    Having Fun

  • Jesus Loves Me

    Jesus Loves Me

  • Smile


  • Playing Games

    Playing Games

  • Bullseye


  • Being Thankful

    Being Thankful

  • Romanian Leaders

    Romanian Leaders

Christmas in Suceag, Romania

The kids came into the rented building cold but very excited. After being served some hot tea to warm them up the fun really got started! They sang songs, played a game of darts, listened to a message from Denis about Jesus coming to earth as a baby and then the leaders ministered and prayed for the kids. Everyone enjoyed giant pretzels and oranges (it’s a Romanian tradition). Each child received 2 dolls or bears, one to keep and one to give away. Learning how to be a cheerful giver is learning how to be like God because giving is the essence of Christmas!